What started your career in the beauty industry?

My Dad worked in a theatre and I started helping with hair and make-up. I enjoyed it, continued to pursue it through hair and make-up school

What is your definition of beauty?

Anything that gives someone a positive outlook on their appearance

Go 2 hair regime?

Wash and air dry. Enjoying natural products

Describe you hair style with one hashtag


Looking back, what’s one hairstyle you regret having?

Pixie cut

What’s one hair product you can’t live without?

Dry shampoo: Bumble and Bumble and Oribe Golddust

Hair No-No?

Fully drying curly hair (gets frizzy)

(Scene) Your client is flaunting your work down the street. What song is playing?

Hello There- Dillon Francis

What’s your zodiac sign and take on astrology?

I am a Taurus and I strongly believe in astrology. I find the personality traits to be extremely accurate

Favourite TO hotspot and why?

Music Garden Park. They have free live concerts. Another place I enjoy is Snake Island. I love nature because it’s a good place to reflect.

On your day off, you…

Relax and decompress from the week

What type of footwear would you be?

I would be a Blundstone

If you could change one thing in the world…

How we treat each other

What’s the best beauty advice given to you?

Always wear mascara

What type of accessory would you be?

A 1940’s nylon scarf

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