What started your career in the beauty industry?
Well, I used to be a piercer in Vancouver, and I didn’t want to do that anymore or sit behind an office desk but I knew, I wanted to be creative and work with people. Since I was already doing my friend’s hair, it seemed natural to become a hair dresser.

Hair NO-NO?
Going against the natural hair texture

What type of footwear would you be?
I guess if I was thrown into a cartoon.. I’d be Converse Chuck Taylors!

Looking back, what’s one hairstyle you regret having?
Woah man.. Probably a Chelsea, that I cut myself with kitchen scissors :/

What is your definition of beauty?

What’s your zodiac sign and take on astrology?
I’m an Aquarius and I think it’s garbage



Women’s Cut $70

Mens Cut $47

Blowout $45

Editorial Blowout $55+


Full Balayage $180+

Colour $75+

Colour and Partial $165

Colour and Full $200+

Partial Highlights $130+

Full Highlights $150+

Global Lightening $120+

Signature Pieces$80+