What started your career in the hair industry?
*laughing* Literally had a quarter life crisis. I knew I couldn’t work in an office. Sat myself down and asked myself what I like doing.. I was doing my friends hair, and from there decided to get educated in the industry.

What is your definition of beauty?
Internal, beauty comes from the inside

If you could change one thing in the world…
Our view on beauty and I would bring acceptance and love with everything AKA coming together as one

Go 2 hair regime?
As a blonde, I use Shine Blonde Shampoo with Vitamino CC Blonde Cream from L’Oréal
Professionnel. Use this to maintain iciness on my ends.

(Scene) What’s your zodiac sign and take on astrology?
I’m a Scorpio and it is absolutely part of my spirituality. We are all made out of stardust

If you were a scent you would you be…
Lilac tree or essence of coconut


Women’s Cut $75

Mens Cut $50

Blowout $50


Editorial Blowout $55+

Full Balayage $160+

Colour $75+

Colour and Partial Highlights $200+

Colour and Full Highlights $240

Partial Highlights $145+

Full Highlights $160+

Global Lightening $120+

Signature Pieces $80+