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Spring is suddenly here & the sun is shining bright. The sun and warmer weather can bring us dreams of sun kissed strands running through your hair. Alas, hair gets darker as we get older and our busy adult lives don’t always allow us the hours out in the sun for this to happen naturally.  Luckily, technology and artistry allows us to create a touch of sun all the way to Gwen Stephanie glamour blond in the salon.  

It’s important to remember, no matter how effortless your stylists makes this process seem, Lightening your hair colour is actually quite a complex chemical process that takes a high level of skill. 



When you google “lightening hair”  the results you usually get are ‘how to lighten hair naturally’ or ‘how to lighten your hair yourself’.  If you have the time to spend, and are looking for a subtle boost, these can work.  If you are looking for a more noticeable change,    lightening processes should be done by professionals with the right products and in an expert setting. In addition to the training, artistry, and carefully curated products, your stylist also has some pro tips for the ideal tone and technique for your hair.  They will consider your hair texture, maintenance preference including your beauty budget and your skin tone. 



Warm and cool don’t just describe the weather. We also use these descriptors for hair and skin tones. So, when you’re choosing a lighter shade for your hair, consider your natural undertones. An easy test to determine whether you have warm or cool undertones is to check out the veins in your wrists. Do they appear green? You likely have warmer undertones. If they appear blue, you’re probably cool-toned. Somewhere in the middle? You’re neutral. Adding warm tones to your hair like honey or caramel shades can complement warm-toned skin, while cooler hair shades like ash blonde and platinum look awesome against cool tones. And if you’re neutral, you can rock pretty much any shade.



Getting your hair professionally lightened is the first step. Maintaining it at home is what comes after next. 

What can you use for at home maintenance?

To preserve the colour and the health of your hair you need to take care of it at home. And what can be better for the job than the professional collections we carry.  You can think of your hair like that luxurious cashmere sweater, you care for it differently than your everyday t-shirts.


Here are some product lines from our Boutique that focuses on lightened hair:

-Kerastase Blond Absolu

-Davines Heart of Glass

-L’Oreal Professional Chroma Creme

-Purology Colour Fanatic Top Coats



After all this decisions let us remind you:

What is the difference between our lightening services?

We offer lightening services from the most subtle to the most dramatic.

The Sunkiss Balayage / Highlights: Glow and Tone Hand painted, open air balayage for subtle, natural looking hair, 1-2 shades lighter than current shade.Complete with an all over toning for sparkle and glow.


Face Frame: Hand painted or few foils around your hairline. Including an all over toning for shine and polish.  


The Refresh Balayage / Highlights: Lighten & Tone A partial balayage or highlight/babylight if you are looking to maintain your current lightened hair. Freshening around the hairline, and over the hair parting. Includes lightening and toning for a complete update. 


The Works Balayage / Highlights: A full balayage or highlight/babylight.If this is your first time balayage or highlight service, or if it’s been a while (3 months or more). If you are looking for a change, higher contrast or more solid lightness. This can include but not limited to: a root shadow, added lowlights or brightened ends. Toning for perfecting the look is included. 


Blond Ambition also called as Global Blond: The classic glamorous blonde like Gaga, Gwen, Madonna, Marilyn. On scalp every strand blond blond. Including, your perfect tone.  


Having the perfect lightening service & feeling your best self is very important for us all at (Untitled by Flaunt Boutique). Our stylists recommend adding a blow out to your colour appointments, this way both you & them be sure of the colour and you’ll be magazine cover ready! 

We have blow dry options from colour check if you have been seeing your stylist for ever and you know it’s bang on, to an express, and standard blowout so you can see the total look.



Whether it’s balayage, highlights or lowlights consult with your stylist to decide together on what the best look for your personal look and lifestyle. 


Either it’s on the beach or on a patio flaunt your hair to the fullest!


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