Celebrating 7 Years at (UNTITLED)

The seed of (UNTITLED) was planted when Ivan Gibski opened the original Flaunt Boutique in 2007. The relationship-building nature of doing hair shined a light on his creative spirit and inspired his desire to build his own space. Born out of the charming interior of Flaunt Boutique, (UNTITLED) was a step into a different identity. 

This year, on October 20th, 2022, we celebrate seven years of blossoming in the (UNTITLED) space. We’re raising our glass to celebrate this moment with our clients, stylists, support staff, and managers! Join us in uplifting the (UNTITLED) story through the eyes of Ivan, Xiao, and Athena. 

Today, Xiao can still remember her first time walking into the original Flaunt Boutique. 

“The minute I walked into the space I felt so calm and welcome.” Xiao

In her journey from Flaunt to UNTITLED, her skills have been nurtured by the focused yet free spirit of the salon.

“Since day one when I started in the industry, making clients feel their best was on the top of my list! I feel trusted and respected in my art craft” Xiao

This may be your first time hearing that Ivan designed and built most of the UNTITLED space himself! Everything was made with intention and care, a reflection of the amazing work our stylists do every day. 

“The hairstyling that comes out of here speaks for itself - it would need no title” Ivan

Nothing compares to the invigorating energy that captures you in UNTITLED today. After a long and difficult pandemic, many of us became energized with a new level of wisdom. At UNTITLED we found a new rhythm, and reinvented the way we connect with our clients.  

“I love how we are taking it one client at a time. I can really focus on creating and my craft. I feel more like an artist now, and not just a hair stylist.” Xiao

Alongside the salon, Athena found herself looking for a change of pace after moving to Toronto during the pandemic. Instead of a passing point in her journey to being a stylist, she found a home in UNTITLED.

“A big reason I chose UNTITLED was ‘Colour, Cut & Chill’ - it’s a vibe like no other” Athena

This year, we’re celebrating seven years of growth, trust, and sustainability.  

Every day our staff members work to curate a comfortable, relaxing, and meaningful space for each of our clients. Personal growth and development underlies every balayage, haircut, or blowout.

“At UNTITLED, we don’t give haircuts, we give confidence” Ivan
“It’s the right place when you spend so much time here, and you still want to see the growth” Athena

We value trust by maintaining mutuality between every connection in the salon. 

With sustainability at the forefront of every decision we make, UNTITLED has transformed into more than just a space to do hair. Sustainability of community, hope, and our physical environment is the glue that held us together in the uncertainty of the past two years.

“At UNTITLED we definitely focus more on how to help our environment while still providing top services. I’ve noticed a huge improvement from the Flaunt days until now” Xiao

“I think it’s extremely important for our species to live within sustainable measures. We owe it to this beautiful little blue planet floating in space. 
We do our small contribution through our partnership with Green Circle, reusable materials, low impact lighting and Green Wall for air filtration" Ivan

The beauty of our space lies in our name. When you enter, you escape into an oasis of imagination and creativity. UNTITLED means something different to everyone, and this year we celebrate seven years of boundaryless beauty.

“UNTITLED to me represents the blank canvas that your hair can be. It’s always changing and always evolving - you can’t define it by words” Athena 

In the next seven years, the canvas of UNTITLED will be painted by the enthusiastic endeavours of our team and ongoing support from our clients. We thank every individual who has contributed to our space, and every individual to come. 

“Thank you for 15 years of Flaunting it, 7 of those years, here at (UNTITLED)” Ivan

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