What Combination of Thick Hair Do I Have?

 We often think of thick hair as being corse. Thick hair tends to be dehydrated and with the right hair care routine, taking care of it can help your natural hair texture shine. Thick hair that has more density can have product or oil build up on the scalp as it's harder to wash. 

Thickness and density are usually thought of as one and the same, but they’re different measurements that together make up your hair type.

What is thickness? 
Thickness refers to the width of a single hair strand.

What is hair density?
It's how many strands you have. You may have fine hair that’s dense. It’s also possible to have thick hair that’s not dense.

The easiest way to determine your hair’s thickness is to simply feel it. Hair is mostly made up of protein. Thick hair has more protein, meaning the hair strands are stronger. So if your hair is stiff to the touch, you have thick hair. It tends to be harder to straighten due to the amount of it or natural texture of the hair.

If you have fine strands with lots of density, you probably find that it gets really tangly. Detangler is your best friend! Pureology's 21 benefits leave in spray is a great go to and one of it's many benefits is colour preservation! 

A favourite weekly or biweekly cleansing and hydrating routine is using Davines' appropriately named Purify Circle Chronicles which helps get rid of the scalp buildup and then after rinsing following with another one of the Circle Chronicles masks which targets another specific hair concern you may have afterwards, check out their descriptions and see which one suits you best!  

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