Giving the Gift of Beautiful Hair

The sudden drop in temperature means something different to us all.

Here at (UNTITLED) by Flaunt Boutique, it signals the start of the season of giving! Showing gratitude to the people you care about can take many forms, and gift-giving can be easy, or one of the hardest. Choosing the right gift can be structured or instinctual.  Either way, nothing compares to that final moment - the bright smile of a loved one.

This year (and all year long) we encourage you to consider consumable gift-giving: a gift that can be used in its entirety.

We’ve all considered edible arrangements, chocolates, cookies, hot sauces and other food items, toiletry sets, and candles when we think consumables. 

Gift boxes available at Untitled by Flaunt Boutique

Have you considered the gift of good hair?  Not only does it align with environmental sustainability and a shift away from materialism, it’s the gift of confidence and empowerment.If you’re considering a consumable gift this year, we are stocked with options, from small try me size gifts to full size box sets at a variety of price points. 

“The best to give gifts reinforce positive emotions! What better than the gift of good hair?”

From scalp and hair treatments, daily hair care and styling products and tools, we carry the full ranges of Davines, L'Oreal Professional, Pureology, and Kerestase.  

We’ve enlisted the help of one of our top stylists Ethan to create a 3-step guide to giving the gift of good hair. For them, “good” hair goes beyond the healthy and shiny look, it makes you feel empowered. 

Hair really affects people, our perception is so affected by social factors. When it comes down to it, good hair is hair that makes YOU feel confident.”

As a stylist at (UNTITLED), they show up for their clients everyday by keeping an open heart and open mind, an essential part to choosing the best gift this season. 

“I love getting into the personal side of things, understanding the client’s motivation behind their hair choices. It’s never one-size-fits-all.” 

Step 1: Assess to their lifestyle

There are so many products out there, the key to choosing the best gift is understanding their lifestyle! Are they always on the go? Do they travel? Are they low-maintenance or do they give it their all? Thinking about their lifestyle will help guide you towards the right brands and products. 

As a stylist, it’s easy to say that a good product is essential. But essentiality changes with each person.” 

Step 2: Pay attention to their hair

The next part is crucial. Get to know their hair! Do they get it regularly coloured? Consider colour-safe and nourishing Oi by Davines. Do they wear their hair in ponytails? They might love a L'Oreal Pro Super Dust helps create volume.  Curly or Textured hair? L'Oreal Pro Curl Expression is a must. Is there a blond bombshell in your life?  We have specific care for their blond ambitions.  Do you have a new mom in your life who is experiencing hair loss? Kerestase Genesis Range can help speed up hair regrowth. Tailoring the gift to their needs is important, but also consider getting something nice for a friend that normally wouldn’t indulge.

“I like to look at the products they’re already using. What do they love? What do they prioritize? What could they use?”

Step 3: Put your heart in it!

Sometimes we think the best gift is the most luxurious, but in reality it’s the most personal one. By taking your time and thinking through the decision, we guarantee your gift won’t collect dust on their top shelf! The pricelessness of the confidence, empowerment, and excitement associated with good hair is what makes it the perfect consumable gift this season.  When in doubt, ask your stylist, or DM's us for recommendations.  

“We misconceive quality as how “good” something is, but real quality lies in the thoughtfulness of the gift.”

If you want to give the gift of hair this year, stop by (UNTITLED) and take a look at our diverse range of products, holiday sets, and styling tools.  For an extra special gift, you can add a gift card. 

Happy Gift Giving.

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