Is New Always Better ?

Seasons change, habits change, trends change… With those changes we also change. We change our clothes, our hair colours and our coffee orders. But should we also change the hair products that we are used to?

The technology behind hair products is constantly improving, meaning the brands are coming up with new products in short time frames. But why should you care about these new products?

The answer might be easier than you think. The new products might fit you better than what you are used to. Let’s imagine couple of scenarios for this together. 


Scenario number 1:

With covid declining and spring upcoming you decided to download the dating apps again. It is your second week and after 2 ghosting & 1 failed date you remember the reason you’ve deleted them in the first place: Red flags everywhere! To match the energy you decide to do a drastic change and match your hair colour to the red flags all around the city.

You call (Untitled) by Flaunt Boutique for help in this quest of yours and book your dramatic colour change appointment with Ethan. After a lot of colour & laughter you are now officially a redhead. But you are not done yet. How about the aftercare? you ask. There is Kerastase Chroma Absolu line to protect your colour & shine for that. Want a sneak peak? Check out our instagram post!


Scenario number 2:

You’ve had enough with the real estate crisis in Toronto and decided to move to Halifax. With spring you started to realize how humid Halifax is. Your hair gets flat & oily so much faster now. But you know you can’t wash your hair every day since it’ll make your scalp’s sebum production even worse. You keep looking for a product that will help with a fresh and voluminous look.

You remember you are still following Marianna’s instagram and see her post about “Davines - This is an invisible dry shampoo”. This new product is ideal for absorbing excess oils and sebum while providing volume. And even you are in Halifax we still got you, we ship nationally from our online shop!



Scenario number 3:

We’ve all missed the fun and festive Toronto summers while staying inside. The beaches, the parks, the patios… Some of us tried to trim our hair by ourselves and others just let it grow.

However it is finally time for a fresh cut. Losing some length? Getting layers? Maybe a fade? Either way a shampoo and conditioner will not cut it anymore. To keep your new style fresh you’ll be doing more styling, hence the endless possibilities of styling products

When you find the right match for you, take your new hairstyle out on town with a bang!


Scenario number 4:

This one is more general and internal. Let’s say you are doing necessary changes to your life style; from going vegan to being gluten-free… You want your products to reflect your decisions and stance.

New and improved products are an ideal change in these circumstances. Also for this scenario we welcome the Pureology brand to the stage, still a well known secret between the hair care lovers, with their 100% vegan & sulfate-free formulas.

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If you are saying enough with the imaginary scenarios; let us answer the question that started this piece: Yes, new is always better! Although please don’t take this one as a life advice, we have Thirsty Thursdays for that.

While talking about new… To start a new hair journey come chill with us at our inclusive space on 792 Queen St E.

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