Kerastase Holiday Sets

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Blond Absolut Lumiere Set includes a 250ml Bain Lumiere, 250ml Cicaflash Conditioner, and 150ml Cicaplasme Leave In ($175 value)

Blond Absolut UV Set includes a 250ml Bain UV (purple shampoo), 250ml Cicaflash Conditioner, and 150ml Cicaplasme Leave In ($175 value)

Chroma Absolut Set includes a 200ml Bain Chroma Respect, 250ml Cica Chroma Conditioner, and 150ml Chroma Thermique Leave In ($175 value)

Curl Manifesto Set includes a 250ml Bain Hydration, 250ml Hydration Essentielle Conditioner, and 150ml Creme Du Jour Leave In ($175 value)

Genesis Set includes a 250ml Bain Hydra-Fortifiant, 200ml Reforcateur Conditioner, and 150ml Defense Thermique Leave In ($175 value)

Nutritive Set includes a 250ml Bain Satin, 200ml Lait Vital, and 150ml Lotion Thermique Sublimatrice Leave In ($175 value)

Resistance Set includes a 250ml Bain Force Architecte, 200ml Ciment Anti-Usure Conditioner, and 150ml Ciment Thermique Leave In ($175 value)