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Dermo-Calm Shampoo (250ml) is a shampoo for itchy scalp and a scalp moisturizer to soothe itchy, irritated, and flaky scalp. This hypoallergenic shampoo contains Calophyllum Oil which calms irritation with anti-inflammatory actions and Glycerin that acts as a scalp moisturizer to prevent dryness and further irritation.

Prévention Shampoo (250ml) Bain Prévention is a shampoo designed as a preventive solution. This shampoo for thinning hair has a unique Pro-Actif System - a three tired shampooing agent. The Pro-Actif System found in this hair thickening shampoo helps texturize the fiber for immediate hair volume. Hair volume is restored while the hair fiber is thickened and strengthened. 

Scalp Treatment (10x6ml) Cure Anti-Thinning is an intensive thinning hair treatment that inhibits the loss of thinning hair and acts to improve the quality of new hair and density while protecting it against oxidative stress. Thinning hair transforms into stronger, fuller, thicker hair. Our non-greasy thinning hair treatment makes thinning hair a concern of the past. 

Hydra Apaisant Hair Mask (200ml) this mask helps to gently cleanse the scalp, treating oily roots, dandruff, irritated and itchy scalp as well as hair loss. Our scalp treatment is suitable for all hair types looking to treat sensitized scalp leaving it supple and refreshed. 

Masque Rehydratant (200ml) A lightweight gel-masque that instantly rebalances hair essential hydration level.

Spray Stimulite Aminexil Scalp Treatment (125ml) Strengthen and thicken your hair with Spray Stimuliste, an anti-hair loss treatment for thinning hair that visibly reduces hair loss.

Potentialiste Serum (90ml) The first universal defense serum for unbalanced scalps. Powered by microbiome science, with bifidus prebiotics fraction & antioxydant vitamin C.