MINU Collection

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MINU Shampoo Illuminating and protective shampoo for cosmetic colour that gives long-lasting shine. 
How to Use: 
Apply to wet hair, massage gently, rinse and repeat application. Continue with application of MINU/conditioner or MINU hair mask, according to the needs. 

MINU Conditioner Illuminating and protective conditioner for cosmetic colour that gives extra shine. 
How to Use: 
Apply to towel-dried hair after using MINU/shampoo. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, comb, then rinse. Proceed with the desired styling. 

MINU Hair Shield Illuminating serum whose leave-in formula gives extra shine and extends the duration of cosmetic colour. 
How to Use: In the case of medium-coarse hair apply to towel-dried hair after MINU/conditioner; in the case of fine hair apply directly after MINU/shampoo. Proceed with the desired styling.