( O U R S T O R Y )

It all started back in the 80’s in my teen years, my mom asked me what I was passionate about. Since I used to do cuts and carvings on my skater friends all the time, she recommended that I take a hairstyling class. 

In 1990 I took my moms advice and enrolled in hair school. Her little nudge in the right direction mixed in with with my entrepreneurial spirit prompted me to building my own hair studio. This venture unveiled hidden interior design and architectural talents which in turn led to opening the doors of what used to be called Flaunt Boutique in 2007 which was located on Carlaw. 


Architecturally, I drew inspiration from my travels. Especially from London, Spain, and Buenos Aires. 

Certain sustainable aspects like the green wall (in our current location on Queen st East) helps with providing natural air filtration that not only improves our state of being while at our workspace but also gives our clients a sweet selfie backdrop. 

The windows that are over 4 metres high allow natural sunlight to come in year round, after all we’re kinda like plants aren’t we? We need the sun and water just like they do. 

All of our lights are low voltage and high efficiency, they don’t use as much carbon based electricity to operate.


All of this ties into my philosophy on life, which is being respectful of our planet and being sensitive to what the needs of Mother Earth are. My out of salon hobby is shoreline cleanup and scuba diving for waste that’s sadly made it too far deep for the human eye to see from the surface.  

I love to work with brands that have a similar value and innovation. The reason I’m still in the game is because I love getting people all together even if I may be on island/ Ivan time and might arrive 20 minutes late.  

Photo's courtesy of @ohlindarose

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