Steampod 2.0 Bundle

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Steampod is a salon-grade hair straightener that delivers high powered steam for beautiful and effortless straight hair. Steam repairs your hair with each swipe for shiny and straight hair faster than ever. Try the Steampod for straight hair, beach waves, or a voluminous curl.

This professional and high-tech steam straightening iron, allows for continuous steam to flow gently and efficiently through the hair fibers, repairing them as it styles, so that you may straighten or curl your hair quicker for a long-lasting result.

For perfectly straight and shiny hair, or playful and voluptuous wavy curls that everyone will envy. Designed to be used with Steampod hairstyling products.

Long-lasting straight or curls. Repairs hair fiber. 

Size of Steampod: 42 x 24 x 10.5 cm

Comes with: The Steampod Protective Smoothing Serum nourishes and protects damaged hair and ends during the hair straightening process. Repairing. Anti-frizz. Long-lasting straightening. 

Thick or Fine hair options available! Please select accordingly below.